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Superior’s FAQs on Asphalt

How can I maintain my pavement in the cold weather?

Here’s 3 ways:

  1. Shovels. Quickly and easily clear away snow. Some shovels are designed with harder edges to scrape away ice. Note: Check your shovel isn’t damaging your asphalt by chipping or scratching the surface.
  2. Snow Removers. Our professional services can be hired for snow and ice removal.
  3. De-icers. A material used as a preventative measures against ice forming and leaving slippery surfaces. Different types are made for different weather temperatures and desired results. Knowing this difference is critical to protect your asphalt from erosion.

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Solve Your Asphalt Paving Problems with Us

We are always striving to employ the newest advancements available for asphalt and pavement needs.

It’s one of the many reasons we can call our services superior and live up to our company.

What problem are you experiencing? How can we help?

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