Commercial Crack Repairs

Sealing cracks is the most economical way to prevent future asphalt deterioration and asphalt repair expenses as confirmed by many years of research on the most efficient and cost effective methodologies for pavement preservation. Study after study has proven that when cracks are sealed at the proper time, two to four years of added pavement life can be expected before other maintenance treatments are required. Approximately every $1.00 spent on crack sealing produces around $4.00 in rehabilitation cost savings.


Crack Repair Applications

Pavement cracks are inevitable, and without proper maintenance and repair they tend to lead towards accelerated cracking, degradation of the subgrade, alligator cracking and potholes. Take a moment and give Superior Aggregates a call for a free bid.

Bituminous paving, the actual asphalt, is not subject to continual contraction and expansion cycles.  However, the soils and base materials below the asphalt constantly moves, shifts, contracts, and expands. Subsequently the asphalt reflects these changes and cracks occur.  Asphalt will only shrink as a result in a reduction in volume through the natural aging process of the asphalt itself.  Moisture and oils exit the material over time, through various natural processes.

Once the crack occurs, the subgrade is open to water which will compromise the subgrade or other layers of asphalt through freeze thaw cycles that heave the pavement and erosion that softens the subgrade.  Plus cracks fill with dirt and seeds providing unwanted weed and plant growth. Cracks can be blown out or routed and filled with hot rubber sealant creating a seal that is flexible and impervious to water and dirt, reducing or eliminating the deterioration the sub-base and compromising the integrity of the asphalt.


Quality Asphalt Crack Repairs

in Broomfield, Longmont and Boulder Areas

Let us at Superior Aggregates, Inc. provide you with superb paving repairs whether you are a contractor, business owner or municipality worker. We provide quality asphalt crack repairs in roadways, drive lanes and parking areas.

We are knowledgeable and have the right equipment to clean and fill all types of cracks. We pay careful attention to what may be the external cause for the crack including sprinkler leakage, overwatering of landscape areas or improper drainage and take the time to properly clean and fill the cracks. We ensure a clean work area and leave the project completed and tidy.

 Commercial Crackseal




Hot-Applied Mastic Sealants

Mastic One™

Crafco Mastic One is designed for large cracks and distressed surface areas too small for re-paving. Ideally used to fill distresses. It is a versatile hot-applied, pourable, self-adhesive ridged asphalt binder containing selected aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics. Mastic One is compounded with standard weight aggregate.

Mastic One is a superior repair mastic because:

  • It does not require compaction to achieve 100% density
  • It is flexible and can withstand weather, traffic, and thermal movement
  • It is waterproof and provides an air-tight seal
  • It adheres to both asphalt and concrete surfaces

Check out some additional information about Crafco’s Hot-Applied Mastic Sealants