Commercial Sealcoat

By protecting your investment with a properly applied sealcoat, your asphalt surface will appeal to your customers and protect the value of your commercial property.  Superior Aggregates provides seal coating services to both residential and commercial property.


Sealcoat Applications

Sealcoating seals the surface of an asphalt mat, preventing moisture intrusion while recoating the top layers of aggregate with asphalt and replacing the oils that have been lost through oxidation.  Sealcoating can extend the life of your asphalt pavement, potentially reducing the need for costly periodic repairs.

Our project managers evaluate every site personally providing you with the very best estimate of what is needed. We work within your budget, managing expectations and technical requirements plus offer points to consider before starting any sealcoating project. We are the proven leaders in sealcoating, our priority is to satisfy you and your expectations, and we use the best equipment and material available.

You will receive the absolute best service from our employees as we look at every project as if it were our own property. Whether it is a large parking lot or drive lane, our dedication and efforts will be noticed and appreciated.


Sealcoat Repairs in

Broomfield, Longmont and Boulder

Let us at Superior Aggregates, Inc. provide you with a superb sealcoat whether you are a contractor, business owner or municipality worker. We provide quality asphalt sealcoating in roadways, drive lanes and parking areas.  We are knowledgeable and have the right equipment to complete the job. We pay careful attention to every detail and ensure a clean work area, leaving the project properly completed and tidy.

Commercial Sealcoat by Superior Aggregates Inc.