Commercial Snow and Ice Removal

Superior Aggregates has a long history of providing snow removal and ice management strategies to our area. We have all the necessary equipment for your snow removal needs whether you require snow plowing and removal or ice management. We offer a wide range of services and design your snow maintenance program tailored to the specific needs of the retail, office building, parking lot, warehouse or industrial building.


Snow and Ice Removal

Our snow removal services are structured for each specific property based on the physical characteristics of that property such as property type, hours of operation, configuration to the north and south, concerns of the owners or tenants, plus any liability constraints. We are able to structure our agreements and pricing based on per inch-per event, per push, hourly or a simple one time event known as, “let me call you and have our lot plowed”.

We provide ice management services during and immediately following storms based on your needs and preferences. We use locally accepted environmentally friendly products including ice melt, slicer, or mag chloride chips. Typically the amount of product applied is dependent upon the temperature of the air and the walking or driving surface, duration of the storm, and intensity of the storm as well the property type and the amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Superior Snow Removal