Commercial Striping

Many commercial businesses choose to give their property a face-lift by repainting the lines, curbs, and traffic markings within their parking lot. Often times a business may be concerned about customer safety or managing traffic flow and efficiency.  Whichever your needs or concerns are, a well laid out and marked parking lot aids drivers in knowing which way to drive, when to stop, and where to park. A well striped lot will also inform your customers where to walk and protects them from potential accidents.


Striping Applications

Painting curbs, stenciling, and proper signage can all be used together to aid police and fire access, support traffic control and provide pedestrian safety.  For projects that involve new pavement, sealcoat, or crack seal, our striping crews begin their work immediately while the area is still blocked off to traffic, reducing the inconvenience to your customers or tenants.

We use only the highest quality of traffic marking paints and the latest equipment to get the job done efficiently and with the highest degree of quality.


Quality Striping in

Broomfield, Longmont and Boulder Areas

Let us at Superior Aggregates, Inc. provide you with the best possible striping solution. We have been striping for well over 25 years and clearly understand the importance of customer safety, proper traffic control, and the value of building aesthetics. Whether you are a contractor, business owner, or municipality, we provide quality applications in parking lots and perimeter traffic lanes and emergency parking areas.  We are knowledgeable, have the experience and right equipment to complete the job and we pay careful attention to every detail ensuring a clean work area.

Superior Striping