4 Things You Should Know Before Your Commercial Asphalt Job in 2018

The new year brings brand new opportunities for professionals in the commercial asphalt industry. The slow, but steady five percent growth trends of prior years are expected to continue through 2018. As a result, you might be seeing an influx of work opportunities coming your way. When the work comes in, you will want to be ready to outperform your competitors and become the best asphalt company in Colorado. Thankfully, you can attend to the four following areas to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming commercial asphalt jobs.

Partner Strengths and Weaknesses

Your business partner is your greatest asset and also your greatest liability. You must know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses to make sure you can collaborate on all your projects. Assess your partner’s abilities along with your own to ensure your company can meet the challenges that come your way. If you cannot create a balanced team, consider restructuring your commercial asphalt companies before moving on with large-scale commercial asphalt jobs.

Lot Location and Restrictions

Numerous challenges can arise due to the lot size and location, so it is important to clearly understand the project limitations from the beginning. Look at all the possible scenarios and make sure to have several contingency plans on hand in case any of the identified potential challenges actually arise. You should also research the building restrictions in your target work areas to understand how to proceed with your projects. If you start jobs without paying attention to local regulations, you may end up having to redo portions of the project or even halt your work altogether.

Job Size, Start to Finish

You must adequately plan for small and large-scale projects to complete your jobs by the deadline. You can provide quality work for projects of all sizes by finding a way to easily scale your operations. You should have fluid access to a workforce and materials to projects of any size moving forward as expected. Open up your network of asphalt maintenance companies and professionals to have overflow workers available when the job demand extra hands.

Seasonal Weather Patterns

As an asphalt professional, you must pay close attention to seasonal weather patterns to avoid project disruptions. Adverse temperatures and conditions can affect the quality of your finished product, so you must know how to proceed when those situations arise. You can look at weather patterns from prior years to see when it would be best to start your outdoor projects. For this area, you also need to have contingency plans in case weather conditions rapidly change in the middle of your projects.

Starting Your Commercial Asphalt Job in 2018

By addressing the above issues ahead of time, you can achieve great results on all your commercial asphalt jobs in 2018 and beyond. Remember to readdress each category at the start of every project you receive to ensure you are on the right track. In the end, you will never be caught off guard and unprepared to complete the job by the deadline by taking a measured approach to your business activities. If you are ready to acquire support for your company’s endeavors, contact Superior Aggregates today.

6 Ways Commercial Asphalt Paving Can Help Your Business Save Money

1. The first way in which commercial asphalt paving can help your business save money is that you will not have to worry about improper installation. One of the important factors in the lifespan of your asphalt paving is whether or not it was installed properly. Improper installation can drastically reduce how long your asphalt paving lasts, so it is worth to have the process done by professionals. Professionals will know how to properly install the asphalt, including the sub-platform, so that your asphalt paving lasts as long as possible. This saves money because you will not have to pay to have the asphalt removed and reinstalled by professionals, which is both time-consuming and expensive.

2. The second way in which commercial asphalt paving can help your business save money is to ensure your asphalt drainage is excellent. Poor asphalt drainage will force you to spend money on maintenance and or commercial asphalt repair. Meanwhile, it will cost your business even more money since you will likely have to close your business temporarily until the area is clean and dry again. If your asphalt drainage is adequate, you can keep your business open and continue making profit without worrying about this problem. Proper asphalt drainage also eliminates the problem of standing water accumulating close to your business thus maintaining its professional appearance.

3. The third way in which commercial asphalt paving can help your business save money is that you can find asphalt companieswilling to do a porous asphalt project. Porous asphalt is a green alternative to traditional asphalt and your business may receive a tax credit for using it. Additionally, porous asphalt is semi-permeable in that water can go through it and this allows water to go back to the ground easily. Porous asphalt also helps with stormwater in that it acts as a natural drainage system so you will not have to spend as much money to follow stormwater regulations about your drainage systems.

4. The fourth way in which commercial asphalt paving can help your business save money is with regular maintenance. Saving your business money and spending money on regular asphalt maintenance may sound contradictory, but this is not the case. Maintaining your asphalt regularly prevents serious problems such as potholes or structural compromise, which could require commercial asphalt resurfacing. Instead, have your asphalt company check for cracks and fill them as well as apply sealcoating in addition to other services your asphalt requires. This will cost your business far less money than solving more serious problems with your asphalt.

5. The fifth way in which commercial asphalt paving can help your business save money involves finding a reliable asphalt paving company. This saves your business money because interviewing and quoting many different asphalt companies every time you need a project done can prove costly and time-intensive. If you have a reliable asphalt paving company in mind, you can simply turn to them whenever you need work done on your business’ asphalt. Additionally, a reliable asphalt company will not overcharge you for repairs or maintenance which saves your business yet more money. A reliable asphalt company will also attend to any emergency repairs when you need it and thus reduce the amount of time you need to close your business, if at all.

6. The sixth way in which commercial asphalt paving can help your business save money is it prevents your business from paying for a satellite parking lot for your employees and customers. Commercial asphalt paving allows you to have your own parking lot and this eliminates the cost of maintaining a satellite parking lot. Having your own parking lot also helps you comply with safety regulations and prevents your business from paying fees for noncompliance. It also saves your business money by giving your customers a place to park and thus providing your business greater potential profit from those customers.

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The Condition of Your Asphalt Material  

The condition of your asphalt is important, and it’s directly related to the materials used during installation. Superior offers the best asphalt materials around, prioritizing an installation’s base material, drainage, depth protection and compaction.


We have decades of experience, and we intend to serve our customers via time-tested-and-true installation methods. We feel homeowners and business owners should understand a little more about asphalt itself, however. The condition of asphalt can determine how long it lasts. It can also determine its day-to-day durability. Let’s cover the basics.



Aggregate is the material which makes asphalt. It’s made from gravel, sand and crushed stone. Normally, these materials are “stuck” together with a binding medium, like bitumen, water or lime. Asphalt, itself, is a compound material. It’s made of many smaller materials which make up the aggregate. The materials used in aggregate are important, too, because low-quality materials can result in chipped, broken concrete. The condition of an asphalt section’s aggregate is incredibly important.


Mineral Filler

Mineral filler contributes to asphalt’s condition, too. Superior asphalt contains high-quality mineral filler, remaining consistent and durable during any hot-mix asphalt mixture application. Asphalt can be measured by its content, toughness index, indirect tensile and tensile strength ratio. Typically, asphalt in good condition has a high-quality mineral filler in it. If it doesn’t, it might sustain damages over time.


Asphalt Cement

Asphalt cement isn’t “tar.” Rather, it’s a natural substance which keeps asphalt composite together. Good asphalt cement is very sticky. It’s also elastic. It can stretch, flex and bend without breaking. A good asphalt application will feature asphalt cement which is incredibly adaptable. Bad asphalt, meanwhile, might be too stiff to be mixed in with aggregates. The result, normally, is an asphalt application which might wear down, or crack, with years of use.


Mix Design

Your asphalt’s condition can also be determined by its mix design. A good mix design makes flexible pavements. Many concrete companies design mixes with volumetric analysis, assuring every asphalt application can expand and contracting without breaking. The fundamentals of mix design have been adopted by a lot of providers, but Superior offers the best designs around. Every Superior design is the result of years of experience, assuring a high degree of sustainability, reliability and safety.



Asphalt is moisture-sensitive. Over time, asphalt surfaces can sustain moisture damage, stripping or cracking. Moisture damage shows itself in different forms. Sometimes, there will be adhesion failure between the asphalt and its aggregate. Other times, moisture-induced cohesion can fail. When this happens, water is trapped. The asphalt, itself, can weaken over time. High-quality asphalt is made with a high moisture resistance, protecting the material from damages. Normally, a mixture’s physical properties can resist moisture.


Mix Temperature

Hot-mixed asphalt is manufactured between 270 and 325 degrees, Fahrenheit. Depending on the time of asphalt transportation, the surrounding atmosphere and installation practices, however, an asphalt layer’s temperature can vary greatly. Superior takes great care in maintaining consistent asphalt temperatures, making sure asphalt applications never cool too quickly—or too slowly.

The composition, temperature and installation of asphalt matters quite a lot. It’s important to take care when choosing an asphalt installation. Here at Superior, only the best materials, pouring methods and installation practices are used. Your asphalt is our priority, and we want to make sure every concrete delivery, asphalt driveway restoration and installation goes smoothly.

We believe concrete contractors should serve all homeowners equally, and we’ve taken the time to assure every mix has the best design, composite, cement and mineral filler available. Asphalt was created to protect, secure and adapt—and we intend to keep it that way.



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