The Benefits of Beautiful Concrete in Your Office Parking Lot

Do you want to revamp your commercial property? Whether you’re a property management leader, a regional decision maker or a local store owner, it’s in your best interest to spice up your property with accessibility, reliability and long-lasting appeal. A concrete parking can completely revitalize your store’s appeal, attract more customers and make the day-to-day work grind incredibly easygoing.


If you haven’t yet, you should consider reworking your parking lot to be concrete-centric, and for these reasons.


Reduced Energy Costs

Concrete surfaces are lighter colored, so you won’t need to spend as much on lighting costs. By installing a concrete parking lot, you can eliminate between three and 10 light fixtures regularly needed to enhance your commercial property’s visibility. Installing concrete can make a safer parking lot, reducing energy costs while protecting your customers.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

Concrete maintenance costs are virtually zero. Sure, you might need an annual concrete cleaning job. You might also need to seal some joints, here and there. In general, however, asphalt parking lots need to be re-coated with liquid asphalt once per three to five years. They only need to be resurfaced once per 10 years.



Nothing says “great aesthetics” like a freshly-coated concrete parking lot section. Is your store moving up in the world? If so, maybe it’s time to revamp its exterior parking area. A concrete parking lot can greatly enhance a store’s perceived professionalism, assuring symmetry while enticing new buyers. A symmetrical parking lot is a parking lot which boasts positivity. A lot of asphalt companies specialize in creating enticing installations which provide years of allurement.


Cool Customers

You want to keep your customers happy, right? By installing a concrete parking lot, you can greatly reduce the “heat factor” of passerby and would-be shoppers. Parking lots can greatly reduce reflected sun rays, lowering the area’s overall heat. In doing so, they can provide comfort to store-goers who’re either on foot or leaving their cars to check out your store.


Environmental Friendliness

Concrete is created from natural resources, and using it can positively impact the environment. You can even install a sustainable concrete product, bringing rainwater back to the earth in your store’s area. In fact, some concrete contractors can complete custom projects to assure your sidewalk and greenery area are both protected and nurtured whenever it rains, directing any waterflow through intelligent concrete installations. Meanwhile, commercial asphalt repair professionals work to sustain such a setup.


Overall Strength

Concrete is a lot stronger than asphalt, making it a top choice for parking lots. Because of its durability, concrete can withstand the weight of many vehicles, heavy traffic use and day-to-day passerby. No store owner wants a cracked, crumbling asphalt lot. If any areas sustain damage, a commercial asphalt resurfacing job can completely fix it. These contractors work on a project-to-project basis, too, so every service request is fulfilled with a high attention to detail.



A lot of businesses choose concrete over asphalt due to its sheer cost-effectiveness. While asphalt might cost less initially, it isn’t as sustainable—price-wise—over the long term. Business owners will find that concrete surfaces can be maintained for far less, freeing their annual budgets to focus on other improvements, invest in other areas and balance their store’s needs in much more effective ways.


Your business’s parking lot is a huge asset. Once you’ve acquired a commercial space, the parking area becomes your responsibility. It’s your job to create a safe, cost-effective and long-lasting space for your coworkers and customers alike. Make sure your parking area is constructed with the right material, and secure the many benefits of a concrete installation.